Safety is of utmost importance at Stay Salty Surf Academy and respecting the ocean is rule number one.We make sure that all avenues are covered in case of an emergency. Our staff are all first-aid trained and a first-aid kit will always be available at hand, as well as all needed emergency telephone numbers.We teach our students all they need to know about the ocean before they enter the water and we take care to meet each student at his or her own level.

What do I need

All you will need is yourself and a towel. We provide you with a quality surfboard, wetsuit, leash and wax. All catered for to your size.

Do I need to be able to swim?

You don't need to. Each person is different and we will meet you at the level you are at and take special care of you. A non-swimming surfer starts learning on their board on the beach and go into the ocean at ankle-depth for a start.

What about payment?

Payments for lessons can be made via EFT or cash at the start of your lesson. We will send our banking details for EFT purposes after we've made contact.

Where do we meet?

We will be in touch via telephone throughout the whole booking process and will meet you in the parking lot next to the putt-putt, on the main beach, Jeffreys Bay.
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